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Bridal Timeline

1 year to 6 months prior:

Inquire about availability of makeup artist for wedding date.
This is an ideal time to start the beauty process. It allows for plenty of time to schedule makeup trials with perspective artists. It also allows you to schedule a makeup trial to coincide with an upcoming engagement party, bridal shower, or pre-wedding shoot with photographer.

3-4 months prior: Skincare, teeth whitening, training/nutrition, self tanning.

The optimal plan is to start a good skincare routine many months in advance of your wedding day. Brides can benefit from having a series of facials prior to their day, as well as using a proper daily skincare regimen right for their skin. The results definitely mirror what you put into it prior.

**** Don’t forget to groom your Groom! Your husband-to-be will benefit from many of our services including facials and face waxing (brows, nose, ears).

2 weeks prior: Don’t try anything new that you have not done before.

With that being said, this is the perfect time to do your last facial, eyebrow shaping, self tanning, manicure/pedicure, waxing. Use your time wisely- do what you can to spread things out over the last week instead of waiting to the final two days before. You want this period to be as calm as possible. Carve out time to have a massage, workout, eat and have consistent good nights of sleep.


Makeup Trial FAQs


What are some tips for booking hair and makeup?

1. Always do a trial to convey what you like.
2. Get a contract or something in writing from the professional that they are booked for your date. Many will require a deposit.
3. Ask what back up that professional has in case of an unforeseen emergency that enables them to not do your wedding last minute.
4. Consider scheduling hair and makeup for upcoming wedding related plans: engagement photos, bridal shower, or rehearsal dinner.

Who should I bring?

Come with 1 or 2 people who will give you an honest opinion about how you look. Be careful to come with the “critic” or the person who desires to “play the makeup artist”, because they can make you more confused. You have to feel like the most beautiful version of YOU and YOU have to be comfortable with the makeup look.

What should I wear?

Wear a neutral solid color top for trial.

How do I communicate the look I want to the artist?

This can sometimes be tricky. You may say natural, but want false individual lashes at the same time. Bring magazine tear outs of looks you like AND looks you don’t like. Bring products you like, and, most helpful, apply your own makeup like you would for going out. It’s the best way for me to take what you do and improve upon it.

Don’t take a photo!

Everyone does this at the end of the trial, but I think it’s more of a novelty than helpful. You really can’t see the makeup, it’s not a professional photo, and you are not seeing the makeup with the rest of the finished look: bridal hair and in the dress.

Who should have a makeup trial?

More often than not, your wedding day also becomes an important big reveal for others like MOB, MOG and siblings. If a trial will make others who are having makeup done more comfortable, than by all means do it, but it’s not a must for the makeup artist. I come on location with a makeup kit prepared for all.


Do I need more than one trial?

No! If you are comfortable with how you looked at the trial, then you are good to go. I always tell my brides that I will tweak the makeup, if need be, based on my notes when we do the makeup that day. On the day, I am seeing you in the dress, with hair and in the setting of the venue, and I can fine tune if the look needs more color, definition, etc. However, if you are still unsure after a trial, then definitely do a second. Most artists are happy to do a second retrial complimentary or at a discounted price. A talented makeup artist can do any look, and sometimes were simply misguided by your translation of what you think you like.

Do I need a contract?

It is always good to have something in writing from the person doing your makeup that confirms date, timing of service, and fees. When hiring an artist several months in advance, ask about what they do as a backup situation if they are unable to fulfill their contracted service- is your deposit refundable? Book with a reputable person. The best recommendation is always by word of mouth. Using a makeup artist that has done people you know or recommended by your vendors is always a better choice than going with an unknown.


I’m having a destination wedding- what do I do?

If you have the opportunity to do a trial on site prior to your destination wedding, that will always be best. Another option is to have a makeup lesson before your destination wedding. We do a makeup look with step by step directions that you can recreate yourself or give to an artist on site. This enables the look you are comfortable with to be easily recreated and takes a lot of the guesswork out of the process. If the budget allows, then consider bringing your makeup artist with you. Traveling to the destination is an option with most makeup artists. Be prepared to provide travel arrangements/associated expenses in addition to service fee. There is often a 2 day minimum fee, depending on destination.


Wedding Day FAQs


Which should I do first- hair or makeup?

Ideally, hair or your lace wigs should go before makeup. If hair is being set in rollers, then use that downtime to start the makeup while hair is set and off the face. You want to keep the process going, otherwise you will run short on time.


Who should go first? When should the bride go?

The mother of the bride should go first. As it gets close to ready time, she’s going to be pulled in different directions with questions from the venue, family members, and the bride. The bride should go second, so that you can enjoy the process and allow yourself plenty of time to do so. After your makeup is finished, go back to hair for a final touch up before stepping into your gown. You can always have lipstick applied after the veil is placed. Then make your big reveal!

Do I include the groom’s side in my beauty process?

It’s nice to include the MOG (mother of groom) if she is willing to be flexible around the timing you need for your service. If not, or if there are other family members needing to be done, then recommend they book their own artist so everyone can be done at their desired time.

Do I need to include my bridesmaids?

If you provide hair and makeup for your attendants, then hire additional artists for them to be taken care of separately. One artist should only being doing a maximum of 5 people. A more economical option is to book them appointments at a salon or store and have them put their dresses on with you. If you leave the beauty routine in their own hands, then consider hiring your makeup artist to stay an extra hour to do touch ups on the already made-up wedding party.

Do I need my makeup artist to stay?

The makeup should, and will, last through the night. However, you will need to periodically touch up your lips. If the budget allows, then keeping your artist until after the ceremony allows for picture perfect makeup throughout photos, before you walk down the aisle, and the final touch up when your veil is removed and dress is bustled.


What should I have in my touch- up bag?

You will need your lip product for reapplication, a powder or blotting papers to reduce excess shine, blush, and breath mints. Keep some q-tips handy to smooth out settled in makeup around the eyes.

Do I tip the artist?

If the artist is self employed, then additional compensation is not expected. If you contract an artist from a salon or outside company, then a gratuity is appreciated (15-20%).






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