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    Essentials Brush Set

    Sale! $195.00 $135.00

    Set Includes the essential 6 brushes you can’t live without. (Shader, Crease, Eye Contour, Eyeliner, Concealer, and Fan Contour Brush).  Container is perfect for displaying all your brushes, tweezers and pencils.  Snap it shut and your set is ready to go.  Love this!

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    Face Brush


    A blend of high quality synthetic and natural goat hair used to buff color onto the skin that is airy and flawless.  Ideal for use with any blush, shimmers and illuminating powders.

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    Kabuki Brush

    Brush made small enough for on-the-go application or perfect for blending in blush and contour for a natural finish.

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    Mini Travel Brush Set


    Our 8pc Brush Set includes mini sized handles of our best brushes.  This is the perfect Travel Set for the “girl on the go.”  It includes a Powder, Blush, Fan, Eye Contour, Shader, Concealer/Lip, Eyeliner, and Spooly Brush. The case has a side zip to hold 2-3 products.  Perfectly sized for your handbag, gym bag, carry-on, desk or even car, where many of us makeup in our rearview mirror!

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    Shader Brush


    The half-inch blending brush sports compact bristles, making it easy to sweep color onto the lid accurately. Its compact, medium size gives more control for more specific blending needs. 100% Goat Hair

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    Crease Brush


    The tapered top fits perfectly in the contours of your eyes and the slightly elongated shape creates well-blended results. A must-have for beginners, this slim style allows you to fill in your creases with your eyes open. 100% Goat Hair.

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    Eye Contour Brush


    This brush applies and blends crease eyeshadows for a smoldering, smoky look. Its domed tip fits perfectly in the crease of your eyes. Because the hairs are packed densely, it picks up more color and allows you to smudge with precision. 100% Goat Hair

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    Eyeliner Brush


    The tapered point fits perfectly along the lashline. Thebristles allows you to use liquid, cream, and powder liners-wet or dry-with total control.

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    Highlight Brush


    This brush is perfect for creating a highlight under the brow and on the inner corner of the eye. Also can be used to smudge liner for a smokey eye.

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    Brow Brush


    By dipping this angled brush into your favorite brow powder, you can fill in sparse brows and create shape and thickness where it is lacking with just a couple, simple strokes.

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    Concealer Brush


    The smooth, synthetic bristles of this brush allow full, concentrated coverage that blends into skin flawlessly.

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    Contour Brush


    This bestselling brush is the perfect application tool for any of our bronzers and bold blushes. The fanned bristles allow for effortless contouring on the cheeks and even application of pigment.

Showing 1–12 of 16 results