Single Eye Shadow Compact


All of our eye shadows are available in a single compact, allowing you to never run out of that favorite shade you use all the time.

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Apricot (sheer shimmer), Baby Brown (matte) NEW, Bar Code (sheer shimmer), Bare Bisque (matte), Bauble (mineral sheer shimmer), Black (matte), Brazilian Nut (mineral matte), Bronze Metal (sheer shimmer), Brownstone (mineral sheer shimmer), Burgundy Frost (sheer shimmer) NEW, Caramel (mineral sheer shimmer), Cashmere (mineral matte), Cedar (matte), Champagne Bubbles (sheer shimmer), Chantilly (sheer shimmer), Charcoal (matte), Dove Grey (matte), Dusk (mineral matte), Evergreen (mineral sheer shimmer), Frappe (sheer shimmer), Gold Minx (mineral sheer shimmer), In Too Deep (sheer shimmer), Indigo (mineral matte), Ink (mineral sheer shimmer), Lavender Metal (sheer shimmer), Malbec (matte), Metal Beige (sheer shimmer), Metal Mauve (sheer shimmer), Metal Pink (sheer shimmer), Metal Taupe (sheer shimmer) NEW, Midnight Plum (mineral matte), Mineral Bronzique (sheer shimmer), Naughty (sheer shimmer) NEW, Oatmeal (matte), Passive Pink (mineral matte), Peach Quartz (mineral sheer shimmer), Peach Topaz (mineral sheer shimmer), Pebble (matte), Pink Bisque (matte), Pink Water (mineral matte), Purple Clay (matte), Purple Night (sheer shimmer), Roselle (mineral matte), Sandy Peach (sheer shimmer), Shifty (sheer simmer), Silk Sheets (sheer shimmer), Smokey Plum (sheer shimmer) NEW, Sugar Blush (matte), Tan Taupe (mineral matte), Toast (matte), Tourmaline (mineral sheer shimmer), Trinket (mineral sheer shimmer), Truffle (matte), Twig (mineral matte), Witchcraft (sheer shimmer) NEW, With the Band (sheer shimmer)