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Creative Color Eyeshadow Pans


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Choose from our extensive range of eyeshadow pans to create any combination of palettes in our magnetic Shadow Box or choose a refill for your 2-well or 3-well magnetic compacts.


The possibilities are creatively endless.


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Apricot (sheer shimmer), Baby Brown (matte), Bare Bisque (matte), Bauble (mineral sheer shimmer), Black (matte), Beige Breeze (shimmer) NEW, Brazilian Nut (mineral matte), Bronze Metal (sheer shimmer), Brownie (shimmer) NEW, Brownstone (mineral sheer shimmer), Burgundy Frost (sheer shimmer), Caramel (mineral sheer shimmer), Cashmere (mineral matte), Cedar (matte), Champagne Bubbles (sheer shimmer), Chantilly (sheer shimmer), Charcoal (matte), Dusk (mineral matte), Evergreen (mineral sheer shimmer), Evening Haze (mineral shimmer) NEW, Frappe (sheer shimmer), Gold Minx (mineral sheer shimmer), Indigo (mineral matte), Jungle (shimmer) NEW, Lavender Metal (sheer shimmer), Luminescent Pink (sheer shimmer) NEW, Malbec (matte), Metal Beige (sheer shimmer), Metal Mauve (sheer shimmer), Metal Peach (sheer shimmer), Metal Pink (sheer shimmer), Metal Taupe (sheer shimmer), Midnight Orchid (shimmer) NEW, Naughty (sheer shimmer), Nearly Taupe (sheer shimmer), Night Fall (sheer shimmer) NEW, Oatmeal (matte), Peach Quartz (mineral sheer shimmer), Pebble (matte), Pink Bisque (matte), Pink Ice (matte) NEW, Pink Water (mineral matte), Precious Gem (sheer shimmer) NEW, Pure Sable (shimmer) NEW, Purple Clay (matte), Purple Night (sheer shimmer), Red Earth (matte) NEW, Roselle (mineral matte), Sandy Peach (sheer shimmer), Sapphire Night (sheer shimmer) NEW, Scandalous (matte) NEW, Secret Garden (shimmer) NEW, Shifty (sheer simmer), Silk Sheets (sheer shimmer), Smokey Plum (sheer shimmer), Sugar Blush (matte), Tan Taupe (mineral matte), Toast (matte), Tourmaline (mineral sheer shimmer), Tranquil Teal (sheer shimmer), Trinket (mineral sheer shimmer), True Romance (matte), Truffle (matte), Twig (mineral matte), Twinkle Plum (sheer shimmer), Witchcraft (sheer shimmer)