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Elevating your Beauty and Athletic performance to a new level!                                by Dr. Travall Croom Image DR. TRAVALL CROOM is a licensed acupuncturist who focuses treatment on cosmetic facials, sports injuries, pain and musculo-skeletal disorders. Dr. Croom is a graduate of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City, where he earned a Doctorate in Acupuncture with an emphasis in Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. He aims at easing pain and treating injuries with a focus on empowering the patient through comprehensive treatments, integrated approaches and accurate assessments. Dr. Croom’s treatments have included celebrities, athletes and fashion models, some of whom have walked for Victoria’s Secret.


Experience a unique fusion of traditional Eastern and contemporary Western techniques, tailored to each individual from a total mind-body viewpoint. Acupuncture is effectively combined with myofascial massage and active isolated stretching, to target the root causes of muscle tension, improve mobility and guide the body’s natural recovery and vitality.


with LED Light Therapy & Microcurrent $285 Combined with Full Body Treatment $365 Aesthetic Acupuncture is a treatment with immediate results. Inserting the fine acupuncture needles stimulates the skin cells to turn over; triggers the production of collagen and elastin, while relaxing the connective tissue between the skin and muscles. While the facial muscles relax, the inserted needles re-activate the muscles that have weakened. Light Therapy is added to increase blood circulation, helping to bring more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and cells. The facial concludes with microcurrent to firm, tone and smooth fine lines, leaving skin rejuvenated and revitalized.